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About us

Taxidermy Specialists
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We love Africa. We love Namibia. The rhythms and pulse of this place is ingrained in our very DNA. And so, Ingwe Wildlife Art was born out of our passion for our vibrant and energetic African bushveld and the animals that live there. There is only one process that can secure the continued preservation and existence of our way of life and the natural world that surrounds us here in the sub-region of Africa and that is controlled, and ethical, trophy hunting.

Christiaan Bean, the owner and sole taxidermist at Ingwe Wildlife Art, grew up on a typical Namibian farm – rugged, harsh and a place where only the best and toughest survive. His future was shaped by an adventurous childhood filled with camping out in the veld under the stars and stalking game, on foot, for endless miles with nothing but a pair of binoculars and an insatiable curiosity for what might be hiding behind the bushes. 

Christiaan is one of a handful of taxidermists who holds a professional hunting guide licence. He has led many a hunter towards his perfect hunting memory. As a skilled skinner and caper he has learned, by his own touch, what the finer details are that nature has imprinted into the animal. Also, what its unique characteristics are.


And he knows this… down to the finest detail.


In his work, Christiaan is joined by his wife Silke, who too was born and bred in Namibia, and who far exceeds Christiaan in adventurous spirit. Formerly an avid biker and now cyclist, Silke loves the rush of the hunt. As the mother of two young children, she knows about working for the future and creating a strong foundation for her family. This too, is Silke’s attitude towards Ingwe. Just like her family, Ingwe has a place at the table.

Together, Christiaan and Silke maintain their high standards by including a personal touch and being directly involved in the step-by-step production of each, and every, trophy. To us a trophy is not just another number. It represents your adventure and your African experience of a lifetime. It, for us, is the embodiment of a moment in your life, a moment in time, which we have the privilege of pausing for you.


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